2 comentarios el “Sobre el concepto de hospitalidad (About hospitality concept)

  1. “Sobre el concepto de hospitalidad (About hospitality concept)
    caracashospitality” was in fact a remarkable posting.
    If only there were significantly more websites similar
    to this particular one on the online world. Nonetheless,
    thanks a lot for your precious time, Ahmad

    • Thanks a lot for your comments. This and others have inspired me to write a book and I`m working on it right now. It is about hospitality as a scientif technology rather than an imprecise idea and useless generalities.Once finished I`m thinking of self publishing using CreateSpace from Amazon. I`m just a neophyte writing in english so I`ll do my best. I must consider writing as a job because finantial survival in Venezuela is hardest than ever, and I like to spent a lot of time searching and creating. As soon as it gets cooked I hope you read it and feed me back, we can find a way for share our passion for tourism and service to build a hospitality innovations theory.


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